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Production Company
Avantis Promo
Ainavas 4, Rīga LV1084, Latvia
Tel: +371 2949 5959


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15 YOUNG BY YOUNG 15 Young by Young – Contemporary Young Life in Post Soviet Countries, dir. by Arman Yeritsyan (Armenia), Alakbar Aliyev ( Azerbaijan), Andrei Kutsila (Belarus), Liina Paakspuu, Arian Levin (Estonia), Salome Jashi (Georgia), Yerlan Nurmukhambetov (Kazakhstan), Chingiz Narynov (Kyrgyzstan), Dzintars Dreibergs (Latvia), Giedre Beinoriūte (Lithuania), George Agadjanean (Moldova), Svetlana Strelnikova (Russia), Iskandar Usmonov (Tajikistan), Edwin Trommelen, Ruslan Tuhbatullin (Turkmenistan), Roman Bondarchuk, Darya Averchenko (Ukraine), Andrey Afrin ( Uzbekistan). TV series – 13′ x 15, Latvia/France, 2012; 90′ version, Latvia/France, to be released in Summer 2015 A creative documentary series made by 15 same-generation filmmakers from 15 former Soviet countries. The Soviet Union, once the largest country in the world, collapsed 20 years ago. The 15 republics: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgy